Here to Help Our Olathe & Overland Park Patients

Once you get used to your braces, you probably won’t even remember you’re wearing them the majority of the time. If, for some reason, you experience any discomfort or pain, call us right away and we’ll fix the problem.

The most common issues are poking wires, a broken bracket and lip or cheek irritation. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do at home to tide you over until you can get in to see us.

Help With Discomfort & Pain

Only the most severe emergencies require Dr. Moon’s immediate attention. The following orthodontic emergencies and their treatments are listed in the order from least severe to most severe.

Irritated Lips or Cheeks

Braces are a foreign object in your mouth and it’s no wonder there is an adjustment period in the beginning while you get used to them. This usually only lasts a few days.

During this time, sometimes you’ll notice the brackets and wires are irritating your cheeks and lips. Identify the bracket that is bothering you and dab it dry with a tissue or cotton.

Then, take a small piece of dental wax and roll it into a ball between your fingers. Finally, stick it over the wire and bracket. Any irritation should subside and if it doesn’t, be sure to call our office.

Broken Brackets

We see broken brackets all of the time, so don’t panic. It’s usually the result of eating hard food, getting hit in the mouth or saliva coming into contact with the bracket during the bonding procedure.

If the bracket is in the back of your mouth, gently remove it from the wire. If its in the middle or front of your mouth, dab it dry with a tissue or cotton, roll a little piece of dental wax into a ball and place it over the bracket so it won’t bother you.

Call Dr. Moon and let us know which tooth has a broken bracket. You can determine this by counting from the back tooth. We can then decide if you can wait until your next appointment or if you should come in right away.

Poking Wires

If a wire pokes out it can be uncomfortable. That dental wax will come in handy again. You can dry the offending portion with a tissue or cotton and place wax on it.

That should stop it from poking. If you have a sore on your cheek or lip from the wire, rinse your mouth with saltwater. In the case of a loose bracket in the back of your mouth, the piece of wire can be fairly long.

If this happens, you can try to very, very carefully snip it with nail clippers. Again, call us and we’ll get you in for an appointment to remedy the problem.