Braces Myths You Need to Know

Dr. Moon came into your exam room and told you you needed braces. So what happens now? What should you anticipate? How do you tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not about braces? Rest easy. At Moon Orthodontics in Overland Park and Olathe, we believe information is power. That’s why we’re equipping you with braces myths you need to know. 

Myth #1: Wearing braces is painful all the time. 

We understand that getting braces might make someone feel uneasy. It’s new. It’s different and unfamiliar. We get it. Braces have gotten a bad rap. When you first get braces, you may feel some discomfort. After installation, you might experience some residual soreness. But your teeth and gums will acclimate to the placement of the brackets. Moreover, you might sense some additional agitation whenever your braces are adjusted for tightness. Rest assured, this is all part of the process of bringing your teeth into alignment. 

Myth #2: Metal is the sole option. 

Nope. Not true. Decades ago, metal braces might have been the only option available to orthodontists. But that’s not the case presently. Orthodontists do still use metal braces (sometimes with colorful bands and wires). And they are much more comfortable and compact than the metal braces of previous generations. Also, patients today have the added luxury of choosing clear ceramic braces. We also offer clear removable aligners

Myth #3: No more music. No more sports. 

When things get rough, it’s important to guard your grill. Dr. Moon recommends wearing a rubber mouthguard for any sport where physical contact is possible. Baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, soccer, etc. Braces will not prevent you from playing any of these sports. However, not wearing a mouthguard might result in damage to your braces – which could injure the inside of your mouth. As for music – play on. If you play the flute, clarinet, or French horn, keep those tunes coming. Your braces will not impinge your ability to play. 

Myth #4: Your braces will rust, activate metal detectors, and attract lightning. 

Wow. Your braces would have to be magic to do all of that! Most metal braces use only minuscule amounts of stainless steel and titanium. Your braces will not rust because they are anti-corrosive. And, they are not large enough to attract lightning or activate metal detectors. 

Myth #5: Only kids can wear braces. Right? 

Almost anyone can wear braces. While this is true for kids, it isn’t only true for kids. Teens, young adults, and older adults can also wear braces. Many of our clients are adults looking for orthodontic intervention. Perhaps they meant to get braces when they were younger but didn’t (or couldn’t) for whatever reason. Dr. Moon is able to apply braces to any set of teeth, whether young or old. So don’t let age be the reason you decide against braces. 

Braces Myths You Need to Know

Myth #6: Braces are cosmetic only. 

Many options exist for you to customize your braces. Sometimes brackets are available in different colors. Elastic bands and wires come in a variety of different colors as well. This allows the wearer to give their braces some personality. But no, we aren’t interested in fitting patients with braces solely for aesthetic reasons. Braces are intended to solve different misalignments of teeth. On the other hand, they do improve a person’s smile. In that regard, they do improve a person’s appearance. 

Myth #7: Braces must be worn for a long time. 

Braces are a process. To produce the results they are supposed to produce, they do have to be worn for specific lengths of time. Dr. Moon recommends a duration of wearing braces on a case-by-case basis. But in general, most people will wear braces anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Braces are intended to make small changes over an extended period of time. To speed up the process too quickly could cause injury. But you certainly don’t have to wear them forever. 

Myth #8: You have to change the wires often. 

Expect for Dr. Moon to make periodic changes to your wires and brackets. Your wires might need to be tightened or changed to accommodate your evolving smile. At particular intervals during your treatment, our teams in Overland Park and Olathe will need to see you for these adjustments. If we don’t do this, your teeth will not adjust to the degree that they should. 

Myth #9: Bye-bye fave foods!

Braces work best when they can do their job without interference. Food can cause interference with the progress of your treatment. We suggest that you chew softer foods and eschew goods that could damage your appliances. Keep away from hard and crunchy stuff, like raw apples and carrots, nuts, and popcorn. Also, steer clear of foods that are sticky, like candies with caramel and taffy. These can cause your appliances to break and even cause damage to your teeth, tongue, and gums. Remember: braces are temporary. Soon, you’ll get to expand your diet. 

Myth 10: Congrats! Your teeth are all set now. Right? 

It would be great if things worked this way. Braces do straighten teeth. But after Dr. Moon takes your braces off, you’ll start the next part of your orthodontic journey. This will likely be a retainer. It’s clear and removable. You can take it out to eat and drink. Braces make your teeth straight. Retainers keep them that way. 

Braces Myths You Need to Know

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