Which Orthodontic Treatment is Right for Me

Figuring out which orthodontic treatment is right for you might feel like a huge decision with so many factors. Thankfully, it’s a decision you won’t have to make on your own! Our team at Moon Orthodontics knows all the ins and outs of what it means to decide on different types of orthodontic treatments, and we can advise our patients on their options.

It’s important to not only think about the technical side of orthodontics, meaning the mechanics of how your teeth with shift and adjust. It’s also essential to consider what makes the most sense to your personality and lifestyle. Each patient is different, and that’s why we take a super individualized approach to care. Read on to find out the basics of how we will help you make a decision for your treatment!

Taking Care of Your Teeth

One factor to consider when you are choosing your orthodontic treatment is how much time and effort you have to take care of your teeth and orthodontic appliance. Regardless of what you choose, keeping your teeth clean is always going to be super important for lasting health and maintaining your smile in the future. 

If you end up choosing braces, you will need to be prepared for some diligent cleaning every single day. Your habits around brushing and flossing will change as you learn how to brush around and under your brackets and wires using tools like an interproximal toothbrush. Flossing is especially a learning curve as you will need a floss threader and wax floss to weave under each wire. You will also need to change your diet to ensure your teeth are healthy and you aren’t breaking wires with hard, crunchy, or sticky foods.

If you opt for clear aligners as your treatment, then maintaining your teeth will stay almost the same as before treatment. Simply remove the retainers and brush and floss as normal! We love how simple this process is for our patients, but you will need to learn to clean your retainers at least once every day by thoroughly brushing and sanitizing them! 

Your Appearance

One factor that can be very important for many people as they consider their options is how they will look throughout treatment. Especially for older teens and adults, it feels important to look like themselves and to make a good first impression. That’s where Invisalign retainers come in as an amazing option! Retainers are what we call removable orthodontic appliances, which  means that they can be taken in or out as often as the patient needs to eat or drink. They are almost completely invisible while being worn, so you end up looking just like your normal self throughout treatment which is a huge plus!

Braces on the other hand are called fixed appliances, meaning they stay on your teeth throughout treatment and are not removable. For this reason, they are more visible to others, especially traditional metal braces. But there are a few options in this area, as Moon Orthodontics also offers ceramic braces. Made from a tooth-colored ceramic, these braces are much less visible and more convenient for patients who want to look less flashy during their treatment. It’s good to know that you have options to manage the impact on your appearance during treatment!

Case Complexity

One really important factor regarding your treatment plan is the complexity of your case. Oral health is made up of many factors and goes beneath the surface of how your teeth appear on the outside. Dr. Moon takes time to examine all the health factors of each patient, taking x-rays and doing evaluations to see the best way to shift teeth during treatment. Depending on all of these factors together, including the bones, roots of the teeth, and jaw, he may recommend one treatment versus another. 

If your case is especially tough and includes some major shifting of bones or even the jaw altogether, then braces might be Dr. Moon’s recommendation. Braces offer a lot of shifting power that other treatment forms don’t have. If your case is more mild or medium in complexity, then Invisalign retainers might be a great fit depending on your maturity levels and lifestyle! Retainers have become more advanced and can accomplish much of the adjusting that is needed for many people. 

Time Spent in Treatment

One important factor to consider is how long you will need to be in treatment. Typically, braces take a little longer with an average treatment time of around 24 months. Invisalign is generally faster, with treatments between 6-18 months, which is a fairly significant reduction. Be sure to discuss these options with Dr. Moon as only he will be able to verify these timeline predictions for you. 

For people with Invisalign, remember that you are responsible for maintaining your own progress by being diligent about wearing your retainers for at least 22 hours per day! Not wearing them as recommended will likely increase your treatment time. 

Time Spent in Our Office

Finally, one last thing to consider when it comes to your treatment is how often you will need to come into our office. The truth is, regardless of which treatment you use, we will request that you visit fairly frequently so our team of professionals can assess your progress and keep you on the right track. For people with Invisalign retainers, you will need to come in about every 6 weeks so that we can give you your next round of aligners and monitor your progress. People with braces will need to stop in about every 6-10 weeks for adjustments and evaluation, too. 

Which Orthodontic Treatment is Right for MeFind the Treatment You Need at Moon Orthodontics

Now that you know a little bit more about which treatments are out there and how they might work for your preferences and lifestyle, it’s time to give Moon Orthodontics a call! We provide our patients in the Overland Park and Olathe areas with the supportive care they need to craft beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Trust us with your treatment, and start by coming in for a free consultation with Dr. Moon. This is an amazing and budget-friendly way to talk through your options and learn more about what he might recommend for your unique needs! Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to set up your appointment!