Why See an Orthodontist Near Me

If you live near Overland Park or Olathe, Kansas, you know what a tight-knit community we have in this area. Dr. Moon loves having his practice here and building friendships with the adults, teens, and kids who get their treatment at Moon Orthodontics

That’s one of the things you might miss out on if you opt for online orthodontic treatment like mail-in retainers. But that is only one factor! There are so many good reasons to go to your local orthodontist office, so let’s dive in!

Multiple Treatment Options 

First things first, when it comes to getting orthodontic treatment, you need options. Unlike what those online companies would have you believe, orthodontics is almost never a one-size-fits-all approach. The unique needs that you have, plus your oral health history all factor into what kind of treatment you should get.

At Moon Orthodontics we offer traditional braces, as well more discreet ceramic braces, and Invisalign retainers. For some people, Invisalign is a great solution, but others need braces to align their teeth in a way that is safest and healthiest for their mouth and jaw in the long term. 

Focus on Health and Cosmetics

Short-term cosmetic improvements are what mail-order orthodontics guarantee, but a local orthodontist offers so much more. Along with the obvious cosmetic improvements with a stunningly straight smile, Dr. Moon will ensure that all of your treatment will result in healthy teeth that will last a lifetime when cared for properly.

If you only consider the cosmetic components of orthodontics, it can sometimes have disastrous results. Things like tooth loss or bone loss can occur when shifting teeth without evaluating what is happening under the surface. Thankfully Dr. Moon always does a thorough evaluation of the gums, jaw, and teeth to make sure that everything is safe. 

The results when jaw and tooth alignment are all taken into account should be a beautiful and healthy smile. Jaw alignment will prevent teeth from gnashing and wearing down your enamel, and help avoid jaw issues like TMJ. And aligned teeth will make them easier to keep clean, helping prevent more cavities and tooth decay. It’s a win-win when health and cosmetics are both a priority!

Personalized Finance

Finances are one of the biggest things holding many people back from pursuing orthodontics. They assume that it is super expensive and totally unaffordable for their budget. Interestingly, while online orthodontic companies might promise cheaper options, ultimately they will likely be more difficult to afford!

Moon Orthodontics on the other hand offers personalized financing options for all of our patients. This means monthly payments that are customizable to your budget and affordable for almost anyone. You won’t be stuck with huge upfront costs and can work with one of our business staff to find the right financial fit for you and your family. 

You certainly won’t find such personalized options from an online store where almost everything is paid for up-front and customer service hotlines are tedious to navigate. 

Support a Local Family Business

For us, it feels great when we know that our hard-earned dollars are going directly to local businesses instead of large, face-less corporate entities that we have no real connection to or relationship with. We hope this is true for you as well! We love being a family-owned business that uses our profits to invest back into the community! 

From our vitally important local staff members to charity, events, and partnerships, Moon Orthodontics is so grateful for the patients who make it possible for us to practice here and give back to our Overland Park and Olathe communities, too. If you too believe in the value of investing your money back into the local economy, we hope you will consider choosing a local orthodontist office for your orthodontic needs rather than mail-order!

Dentist vs. Orthodontist

One final thing to consider when choosing your dental healthcare team is to know when you need an orthodontist versus when you need a dentist. Both are essential to ensuring that your teeth stay healthy, so let’s quickly go through some major differences.

Orthodontic care is about preventing future oral problems with teeth and jaw alignment. If your teeth are not straight, causing bite issues, wear and tear on your tooth enamel, and other problem, then an orthodontist like Dr. Moon is the right person for you to see to help get you started on orthodontic treatment to shift your teeth. When your teeth are in proper alignment, there should less of a risk of other tooth problems!

A dentist on the other hand focuses almost entirely on hygiene, preventing tooth decay, and caring for your teeth if they do have a problem. Most people should aim for regular trips to the dentist about every six months to have their teeth cleaned, which in turn will help prevent tooth decay and cavities. If you do end up with a cavity, your dentist is the person to visit to help fix it! 

Why See an Orthodontist Near MeFind Your Local Team!

We hope that we’ve persuaded you to stick to a local orthodontist office, like Moon Orthodontics, for all your treatment needs! We always look forward to seeing our patients and supporting your progress through your orthodontic treatment. The first consultation appointment is free for new patients, so use that as an opportunity to learn all about your options and meet Dr. Moon! Give us a call at the Overland Park or Olathe office soon!